We believe in the true and divinely destined role of the woman, the messenger of the Divine on Earth.

We make this belief a reality by offering as guidance our own inner experience for awakening Beauty, Harmony, Divine Eroticism and Sacred Love through ART.

Offering to you authentic knowledge and experience is our commitment

We are an ever growing international community of practitioners of the tantric spiritual path, united by our effervescent aspiration to work on the elevation of humanity through our own profound spiritual transformation.

The members of our passionate and innovative team are mainly artists, filmmakers, doctors, lawyers, sociologists and psychologists.

Being aware of the dramatic situation of the woman in the present day society we unified our efforts for the revaluation of the woman, so that she can assume her real and divinely destined role.


"I have noticed a change in my attitude towards life. By daily practices of dancing, self-care and other spiritual techniques I have learned, I am consciously brought to the state of presence. I can better control anxiety and go through adversity with greater lightness and good humour. The more I study and understand what is thought in the courses, the more I can apply it subtly to my daily life, which allows me to see more and more beauty and joy in the simplest things ... and then, the more reasons to thank you appear."


"I started to feel more connected with my being, with my femininity. It is like a wonderful gift from God. I am infinitely grateful for being able to be part of this communion of sisters. I look forward to the meetings with great joy, because this union inspires me and helps me connect with my sacred temple. After each encounter I feel nurtured, flooded with a bright light, effervescent, enthusiastic to apply the techniques we learn. Through spiritual practices, feminine techniques I’ve learned and dance, a wonderful state is generated in me and I can easily connect to my sacred eroticism. I feel myself flourishing. This is a path of heroines, where as united sisters we heal, we inspire, we awaken, we discover our treasures, we assume ourselves as initiators, with devotion and admiration for the highest. That is the path I want to follow... thank you wonderful women for being together on this path."


"I am happily grateful that my being is once again flooded with all the knowledge that this encounters provide! These meetings are so nutritious, necessary and extremely beautiful because they refresh and enhance all the flow of fascination, empowerment and magic that we have as women. I can reconnect and embrace my inner goddess. I can remember who I really am. Very grateful for this journey and happy to share it and empower ourselves with such wonderful women! "


"It is wonderful to see how together we can help each other and grow! ? expanding our hearts and becoming more and more women."


"I can see many positive changes in my life: I am able to connect better with my femininity. I am making progresses in the act of giving and receiving. I feel more focused and confident in my daily tasks. I always had problems when people talked about me as a delicate person or mentioned my sensuality. I was seeing it as a bad thing, but now I think it is wonderful. Even my self-esteem has improved and the issues I have with male energy. I can only thank you for having the chance to be in this group and I hope to have many meetings with you ❤️"


"Since I started on this wonderful path, my life has completely changed. I began to discover my potential as a woman and to recognize the treasure that we carry within. Through self-knowledge, techniques and spiritual practice I feel that I am getting closer and closer to my essence and my nature which is to be happy, experiencing self-care and self-love, cultivating the joy of living and being a full, wise woman that goes through this ecstatic existence. Happy and grateful to continue growing together."


Our Credo

When the woman discovers herself as a tremendous beneficial power that, when in unison with the Eternal Feminine existing in the Macrocosm, makes possible the manifestation of love, harmony, beauty and divine life on Earth.

We believe that it’s time for the woman to become the channel of the sublime and sacred love and to assume her role as initiatress into the spiritual mysteries of the Creation.

Our Activities

   Our main methodology is based on the transformative power of the Spiritual Tantric Art (film, photography and stage arts).

We have in our focus the wide-spreading of a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing of the women – helping them to live their elevated femininity at its full potential.

Our Activities

Conferences, debates

  • Courses, workshop, seminars
  • Campaigns for a healthy erotic life – introduction of the concept of sacred eroticism to public awareness
  • Creation of art productions
  • Organisation and participation in cultural events

 For any information regarding our activity or questions, contact us here!