What is amorous erotic continence?

The largest source of energy of every human being is hidden in his own erotic potential. Sexual continence is the most efficient method for exploring, wisely using and even amplifying this potential.

It means perfect control and orientation of the erotic potential that implies the capacity to transform sexual fluids into energy (transmutation) and to elevate this energy to the higher levels of our being (sublimation).

It is mainly based on sperm retention inside the man’s body, without releasing it by ejaculations or pollutions.

For the woman it means that on one hand there are no explosive contractions during orgasm and on the other hand it is reached by reducing and completely suspending menstrual secretions.


According to tantric teachings sexual continence is unconceivable without the manifestation of sublime love, divine eroticism and mutual transfiguration in the inner universe of the lovers.

The largest source of energy of every human being is hidden in his own erotic potential. Sexual continence is the most efficient method for exploring, wisely using and even amplifying this potential. It is also a joyful remedy a natural therapy available to everyone at any time.

Considering this it would be reasonable to handle this very precious source of energy we have at our disposal with much care and wisdom. Despite this, facts show that 99, 99 % of humanity does exactly the opposite: carelessly wastes it.


Orgasm and ejaculation are two different phenomena

According to Tantra teachings ejaculation is a highly unhealthy habit. Its main cause is due to the erroneous belief of the vast majority of people that orgasm and ejaculation are the same thing.

In reality, it is medically proven that orgasm and ejaculation although close to one another, are two different physical phenomena. A man can have an unlimited number of ecstatic orgasms without ever ejaculating. It is striking that most of the people live their lives without ever hearing about this fact that would fundamentally change their fate.

The erotic potential is like a family heritage. There are people who fearfully guard it, others who debauch it like prodigal sons, and finally there are those who invest it waiting for beneficial output. One thing we can be sure of: this “heredity” is not available in measureless quantities and will not last for ever.

Since very old times, people have noticed that the sperm a man can ejaculate in a lifetime is a given amount, which can even stay in the body at old age, according to the wise way it is eliminated. There are undeniable cases known of men that have been fertile even after 100.

We normally can see that the andropause (sexual rest that man is forced to by the end of his life) is highly delayed if the man had preserved his erotic, creative potential through sexual continence.

As usually, once the sperm resource is over and therefore no longer present into the body, vitalitymemorycreativityphysical strength seriously decrease and the subject is obviously prey to the old age.

Sexual Continence increases inner power

The woman who practices lovemaking with sexual continence gets much more sex-appeal and her beauty and brightness often last for incredibly long time.

There actually is a quite close relationship between the erotic potential inside the body and the inner force of a man or a woman, as it’s known for a fact that people with special inner force also dispose of strong erotic  potential.

Things have been pushed that far that in order to attain enough force, famous men or women (businessmen, leaders, politicians, militaries) who don’t know about sexual continence seldom engage in lovemaking.  As they considered between making love more often without continence and career, they would rather go for the career.

However, abstinence could not stand for a solution, because men often attempt to lose erotic potential while asleep, by pollution and women by abundant and painful menstruation.

Therefore the erotic potential is a physiological gift by birth and it can be used more or less wisely and be consumed sooner or later. Here we realize we really need to know how sexual continence can be attained.

The advantages of practicing sexual continence:

– it awakens a huge number of orgasms (both for man and woman) and incredibly increases pleasure;

– a state of appetite and eternal longing for the lover, they seem not to get enough of one another

-increases enormously the capacity to love and be open to the divine energy of  sublime love
– erotic longevity;
 regeneration and rejuvenation;
– increased vitality;
– elimination of feebleness, turpitude after lovemaking;
– psychic balance, increase of creativity, awakening of intelligence;
– increase of charming personality both for the man and the woman;
– elimination of any undesired pregnancy;
– considerable decrease of the woman’s period and of the awkward subjacent effects;
– many women are finally aware of what orgasm is (it’s known for a fact that women need almost 30 minutes  erotic stimulation whereas the man is done within 10 minutes in most of the cases)
 breasts natural enlargement for women.

Moreover through the practice of perfect sexual continence and through embracing Sacred Love in our lives we get the chance to rediscover ourselves as spiritual beings, to attain a superior understanding of love, of life, of the Universe and finally to reach the Supreme State of Spiritual Realization.