A practical way to discover in yourself the perfect woman, a brilliant work of art, signed by God Himself,


How to truly turn your life into an amazing masterpiece.


We are fully aware of the dramatic situation in which the blue planet Earth is today, among other reasons due to the mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance between man and woman. At the same time, understanding the important role of the woman who is deeply transformed inside, we propose to solve this disharmony through the conscious union of our efforts, including by growing an intense movement of Esoteric Tanric Art.



Any woman who is open to use the efficient combination of tantric techniques and artistic methods for a deep and positive transformation of herself and, as a consequence, of her life.



We have in our focus the wide dissemination of a healthy lifestyle and the well-being of women, helping them to live their elevated femininity to its full potential.

We accompany and support women in the process of their self-discovery. We offer her deep spiritual knowledge with a set of practical esoteric tools, which she can easily apply in her own life and check their validity and power through direct experience



The course offers a unique synergistic method that brings together conscious and beneficial use:

– of the power of sublime art to awaken the soul

– of the principles of tantric esoteric science

– of the energy of pure Eros


The methodology is based on the fact, that initiating art works with emotions, but with sublime emotions. Therefore, having the same substance as art, a woman can easily learn to resonate with the sublime energies of works of objective art, which is a delightful tool for rapid, intense spiritual evolution. It instantly produces the effect of fascination that helps to awaken the soul, expand the consciousness and open to infinity and communion with God.

Having our own experience and results of using for decades the millenary knowledge of Tantra we invite women to give their special attention to importance of eroticism and love in their lives and its capacity to awaken authentic femininity, to help them blossom and shine with true happiness.

In each class we will apply our unique method that intensifies the energy of sublime art through the energy of pure Eros and the energy of pure Eros through the energy of sublime Art.



  • Higher perspective upon the real meaning of Love as a spiritual path on which you learn how to truly love yourself,  love others and accept to be loved. You will discover that love is a unique dimension which should be always amplified and that it is the most powerful energy and the only possibility, which can be used on the path of transformation.

  • Awareness and bringing to the higher level of each part of their lives.

  • Knowledge and practical tools how to break out the vicious circle of unhappiness, discovering and fulfilling your potential as a masterpiece signed by God himself.

  • Guidance on the alchemical path from tormenting inferior emotions, tensions, blockages to divine feelings being in control of your emotions at any moment.

  • Real appreciation of sublime art which helps you to transform inferior energies into superior ones quickly, easily and always with fresh joy, bringing you instantaneously to the present moment.

  • Deepening of your self-knowledge and acceleration of your transformation, giving life to the Muse insides of you.

  • Experience of savoring life each dimension of which is enriched with pure eroticism and elevated states by learning the sacred Art of lovemaking thus entering in the archetypical communion with Supreme Goddesses.



– Theoretical presentation that aims to stimulate the understanding of the hidden laws, to give awareness of the imbalances inside of the woman and in her relationships with others (men and women), but at the same time to understand the important role of the woman deeply transformed inside

– Tantric-artistic exercises, essential keys of Esoteric Science, which aim to develop self-control in order to prevent the fluctuation of emotions, overcome receptivity to toxic, inferior emotions and consciously attune with the beneficial feminine qualities.



– free introduction class in the beginning of each module,

– possibility to watch and listen the recording of the missed classes,

– written synthesis of the theory presented during the class with special surprising gifts.

– membership in the special private Telegram group created just for the active participants.



You can join the course starting from any module and any class.

If you enroll after the module started, we offer you recording of the missed classes and special free Question & Answer session before you join the course.

If you missed one or more modules you can buy recordings of them and have a special free Question & Answer session on request before you join the course.  



– … to discover greatness of being born as a woman,

– … to master your emotions and elevate them,

– … to cultivate and nurture healthy relationships,

– … be full of energy and joy of life, being the owner of your own happiness.


God is never seen immaterially; and the vision of Him in [a] woman is the most perfect of all.” Rumi


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