Free event for women

The tale of your happiness

How to rewrite the script of your life using the alchemizing power of sublime art 

How many stories do usually unfold in your mind? Events and conversations, which happened, which may happen or which will never even happen?..

As a woman, you are a natural scriptwriter. You possess almost limitless power of creative imagination.

Using this power, you continuously create the script of your own life. If your emotions are not controlled, you may find yourself living imaginary stories that amplify fear, jealousy or competition.

Now your challenge is to educate your mind, to assure that your script becomes a happy one.

How can you do it?

Esoteric tantric art can be used as an efficient tool to:

  • get in touch with your emotional nature
  • alchemize and elevate your emotions
  • free yourself from chains of low states
  • transform the basic attitudes that define the trajectory of your life

On this free event you will learn the important steps to use your inborn creative power for rewriting the script of your life, making it a tale of true happiness.

The essential element that we will use in this process is pure erotic energy, which connects you to magical energy of the Eternal beginning. Eros – the source of all the creation – will be your reliable companion on the path of becoming a responsible creator of your own life story.


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