Aghora Vidya is a complex artist of the Objective Art and a spiritual seeker on the intensive path of Tantra.

She was a stage artist for many years; as an actress she played a wide range of genres: comedy, drama, theatre for children, puppetry, cabaret and revue.

She is the author and co-author of numerous theatre performances that she also directed. She designed costumes and scenography for many performances.

Aghora uses her talent and energy to prove through her own example that it is possible to apply the spiritual principles in objective art.

When she decided to direct her artistic path towards creating art movies, she started with short and experimental projects. She not only directs her movies, she takes part actively in each phase of the creative work.

Discovering the teachings of the tantric spiritual path and the principles of the objective art was a powerful revelation for her.

Her movies express with the power of the spiritual avant-garde the outstanding aesthetics of the Kashmir Shaivism that considers art a bridge towards the divine realms. This is a form of conscious art that has access to the sublime divine energies, awakens the soul of both the artist and their audience.

Her latest mystic-erotic movie in the arthouse category is Continuously Loving, a 108 minutes feature in Spanish.