Who We Are

We are an ever growing international community of practitioners of the tantric spiritual path, united by our effervescent aspiration to work on the elevation of humanity through our own profound spiritual transformation.

The members of our passionate and innovative team are mainly artists, filmmakers, doctors, lawyers, sociologists, psychologists.

Being aware of the dramatic situation of the woman in the present day society we unified our efforts for the revaluation of the woman, so that she can assume her real and divinely destined role.

 Our Mission

Dombi Tantric Art is the promoter of a revolutionary project that has the aim to purify, regenerate and re-orientate the feminine energy on this planet in a spiritual sense.

By this project we intend to make available on a large scale a completely new, creative, healthy and spiritual point of view upon love and eroticism inspired to us by the millenary wisdom of Tantra.

 Our Credo

When the woman discovers herself as a tremendous beneficial power that, when acts in unison with the Eternal Feminine existing in the Macrocosm, she makes possible the manifestation of love, harmony, beauty and divine life on Earth..

We believe that it’s time for the woman to become the channel of the sublime and sacred love and to assume her role as an initiatress into the spiritual mysteries of the Creation.

Our Fields of Action

 Our main methodology is based on the transformative power of the Spiritual Tantric Art; (film, photography and stage arts.)

  • We have in our focus the wide-spreading of a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing of the women – helping them to live their elevated femininity at its full potential.
  • We show a special care for “women above 40”, teaching them the constructive and beneficial use of their erotic-creative potential during the period of menopause.
  • We won’t let down the so called “socially marginalized” women, prostitutes, sex industry workers, drug addicts; we propose them to spiritually reintegrate their life.

Our Activities

  • Conferences, debates
  • Courses, workshop, seminars
  • Campaigns about healthy erotic life - introduction of the concept of sacred eroticism in the public opinion
  • Creation of art productions
  • Organization and participation in cultural events