In the life of an awakened woman, Shakti, the expression of the sublime aspiration towards the Supreme Consciousness, Shiva, is a refined method to get closer to God.

By self-transfiguration we can express and experience ourselves as the polarising counterpart of the Supreme Masculine Force, like a real Goddess. On the feminine way to God’s heart, we express courageous our sublime desire for being unified with Him and we offer to Him the beauty manifested through us. This act done together with a group of women, through empathy could awake many beautiful states in us, enriching our feminine part.

Like feeling the wonder of many blossoming and perfuming flowers in springtime.

Praying together in this way together with other women, we can be aware about the existence of the one Supreme Masculine Force who is our real lover and is always with us and more than that part of us. By understanding that we can easily see the manifestation of Shiva itself in the men embracing us, realizing their real being.

We invite you to be a part of such a love circle and help each other in reaching the Supreme Consciousness through our feminity.