Rituals of Adoration for Women

Loss of Femininity in Today’s Society

It’s more and more evident that modern women have forgotten how it is to be a real woman.
On one side there appeared different types of the “new woman”: the business woman, the politician woman, the leader woman – which is practically a sort of “male woman”.

On the other side there is the case of simple women living in stress, fighting with the difficulties of everyday life, with problems related to family, children, household, diseases that also lead to massive diminution of femininity.

As a result we have an unprecedented decrease of the specific feminine qualities at societal level. It is quite an alarming situation because without her fundamental feminine qualities a woman cannot fulfill her mission in life as a woman and she has no chance at all to live an accomplished, glorious life – the life she was meant for by divine right.

Tantric Methods for Increasing Femininity

Tantric tradition offers rapid and efficient methods with which the woman can regain her beauty, her harmony, her sublime capacity to love, the mystery and fascinating power that make her capable to fulfill her true role: that of an Initiatress into the Secrets of the Spirit.

Adoration of the Feminine Mystery

Adoration of the Feminine Mystery in a woman is a program of the Dombi Association that helps women become aware of their inner treasure given by God. They have the chance to identify with the Cosmic Mystery of Creation which is the same mystery that calls us, fascinates us, and irresistibly attracts us, so they also become as fascinating as Nature itself.

A ritualistic program in an intimate ambient, using the beneficial sustaining power of the spiritual sisterhood helps the woman to relax in a pleasurable way and arrive to the present moment where she can meet her real Nature and understand the true value of it.

Being adored by other women she can understand better self-transfiguration which is a key element to reveal the Divine Essence in ourselves.

Through gentle touches, encouraging suggestions, in a sustaining ambient full of Love the Flowers of God will blossom…