Interactive seminars on Objective Art

What is the difference between Subjective Art and Objective Art?

How can we realize the difference when we contemplate a work of art?

How can we become a true “gourmet” instead of choosing the „fast food” in Art?

And if we are artists, how can we become pure channels of the Objective Art?

We are going to discuss such topics in an intimate, friendly ambient, sharing our experiences, giving examples based on the very rich and authentic knowledge of amazing, spiritually accomplished artists, who, as a result of perseverant yoga practice, have succeeded in integrating the presence of the Divine in their daily life and in their artworks.

The meetings are spiced up with savouring, enjoying together pieces of Art:

movies, music, dance… or even tasty goodies.

We invite you to join these effervescent nights of celebration of the wonderful gifts of Art!