We have a regular program of conferences and lectures for people coming from different social backgrounds but having common fields of interest. We chose the themes of our conferences in a way that they transmit true values.

We consider as being “ true value” the kind of knowledge that is based on the Universal Divine Principles and can be used in practice in order to transform our lives for the better.

Our lecturers are people who obtained remarkable results in their fields of expertise and/or in certain segments of their spiritual transformation paths.

Talks and Debates

These meetings focus on dialogue rather than on the discourse of a lecturer.

The host acts more as a mediator: presents a theme that is mainly related to Art, to the social situation of women, to spirituality, or the combination of all three; then guides the debate that follows. In the end they evaluate what has been said, draw important conclusions that are meaningful for all participants.

The aim of such events is to transmit useful knowledge and share valuable experience that can provide a real help for an open audience in the different stages of their lives and their spiritual paths.