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Skills-developing workshop
for aspirants to a fulfilling and transforming love relationship

The aim of this course

To provide a practical and experience-centred framework, in which participants can acquire a new and all-integrating point of view upon love, as well as the practical skills that are necessary for being able to attract, build, sustain a harmonious, fulfilling, and transforming love relationship.

Inspirational source

The theoretical and practical methodology of this course is based on the spiritual tradition of Tantra which is, out of all the spiritual traditions of humanity, the one that studies most deeply the issue of love and love relationships. It also reveals the unique opportunities of self-knowledge and self-development offered by a conscious love relationship built on a spiritual basis.


The great majority of people don’t have fulfilling relationships because:

  • Generally they don’t have the possibility to find and acquire a correct point of view that considers love, the human relationships and life itself according to the spiritual principles.
  • It’s difficult to find an adequate framework where people could learn and develop those skills, attitudes, capacities, which are absolutely necessary for the creation and flourishing of such relationships.

Taking all these into account

in the course we will create a practical and methodological framework where participants:

  1. can identify those limitations, lacks, attitude and character problems that prevent them from fulfilling their needs related to love relationships.
  2. will become conscious of the refined calling of their desires and aspirations that come from the depths of their souls, (that in the case of most people are completely different from the loud pretentions of their ego).
  3. can discover and integrate, with the help of the methods learned in the course, the great advantages of a spiritual point of view upon love relationships.
  4. can learn a specific strategy of actions that enables them to orientate their attitude, character and, habits and all their lives towards a good, rightful, spiritual direction.
  5. have access to practical methods they can use after the course in their everyday lives, in order to develop all those capacities, features, attitudes and virtues that are necessary for a harmonious, and transforming love relationship.

The exercises and techniques

aim at the following concrete aspects:

  • To develop the specific (feminine or masculine) aspects
  • Empathy and communication skills
  • Inner freedom and spontaneity
  • High-level erotic skills
  • The capacity of giving and of self-giving
  • The capacity of transfiguring
  • The awakening of the senses, even on a paranormal level
  • To perfect the capacity of mastering sexual continence.
  • Perception of the subtle bodies and parallel worlds
  • The fast and irreversible elimination of the basic problems of a love relationship (like jealousy, unhealthy attachment, the desire to own, egoistic attitude, etc.)
  • To developing the attitude and state of sacredness.
  • To understand from a practical point of view the basic ritualistic elements of the tantric tradition.

... and other useful things.


Workshop coordinators

Aimen Klimmeron- Csibi István is a stage director, writer and coach, author of the tantric novel “Kama Pura – The Isle of Delights” (2004), as well as of a book dealing with the theme of life mission “Interview with Destiny” (2010). He is a practitioner of the tantric spiritual path.