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The Conscious Orgasm

Module I

Practical Workshop to Unleash Your Hidden Potential


A meeting of inner adventure and discovery where you can practice simple methods to enrich your capacity of living happiness in the entire body and at the same time at all interior levels, exploring the feeling of unity and completeness through the cathartic intensity of the orgasmic bliss. The workshop is individual and does not involve any kind of sexual interaction.

Module II

More erotic, more intimate, more orgasmic
Intensive practical workshop to awaken the Eros and Consciousness


A natural continuation of the first module, although also open for those who haven't yet participated in Conscious Orgasm Workshop. Its purpose is to deepen the practice with the erotic energy and to discover the inner freedom with which we are capable of choosing eroticism and love over the sexual, egocentric attitude.
Orgasmic exercises, introspective sessions, games to awaken the erotic and soul energy, lectures and much more


What to expect?

The orgasm is "unexpectability" itself, because it exists beyond the calculations of the mind – this is why it's such a precious state. However, here's a taste of what we'll do during the workshop:

- using individual and group games and exercises to boost creativity and the power of creative imagination

- integrating transfiguration into every action, thus accessing elevated states of consciousness

- experiment with heightened awareness the omnipresent polarity of relaxation and contraction - training the "orgasmic capacity"; achieving relaxed control over the muscles, emotions and thoughts

- accessing the states of admiration and wonderment, amplifying the resonance with beauty

- working with the mysterious energy of the void to trigger the leap from mental to supramental awareness

- abandon of the perpetual defense mechanisms of the ego to allow the awakening of the soul and the expansion of the consciousness – letting go without losing awareness

- dynamisation of the latent mental potential for a superior perspective upon our being

- working with the divine energy of the occult offering, revaluation of our approach to eroticism

- movement and breathing techniques to awaken the inner fire that ignites the orgasmic potential

- guided visualisations and meditations

- step by step coaching for the attainment of the orgasmic intensity of the experience

- concise lectures about the subtle structure of the human being, and important topics related to the orgasm, eroticism, and a healthy integration of these aspects into our life

- repeated experimenting with the self-induced state of non-sexual, but highly erotic state of orgasm in the heart

- and much more

What is Orgasm?

The orgasm, as understood by the practitioners of authentic Tantra, is the live fusion of the Yin and Yang, the cosmic masculine and cosmic feminine principles in our being.

It is the most intense state that is available to us all, in which our human nature can unite with the divine. The total Tantric orgasm is not localised only in the physical body, but it also manifests in our subtle structures.

People have been conditioned to experiment it as a result of sexuality, to touch their sexual organs and create friction and pleasure. But orgasm is independent from friction and, as you'll see, it is even independent of our sexuality. Although it involves pleasure, it is not limited to pleasure or the reality perceived through our senses.


What does Conscious Orgasm offer us?

Being aware, completely present in what is going on inside us and around us offers us the possibility to explore orgasm from a radically different perspective:

  • it shows us how to elevate our inner level of vibration, wisely utilising the energy of the orgasm
  • it reorients our attention from the physical and psychical to the spiritual and mystical, from the exterior to the ever expanding interior
  • it offers a way to explore the energy of the intense total orgasm outside of the amorous fusion
  • it points out that this energy is in fact endless and available from a cosmic source to which we have access when we make love with Sexual Continence.


Why do we need Conscious Orgasm?

When we properly use our orgasmic erotic energy and elevate our level of vibration:

  • we progress towards the modified states of consciousness
  • we open to the perception of extraordinary realities
  • we are connected to the unified field of consciousness
  • we learn to be more present in our lives and interactions with the others
  • we can acquire a state of peace and supramental hyper-awareness
  • we can learn to use the gigantic power of orgasm to fuel our spiritual evolution.

Why participate in the Conscious Orgasm Workshop?

It is where you can practice a simple method to enrich your capacity of living happiness in the entire body and at the same time at all interior levels, exploring the feeling of unity and completeness.

It offers a guided incursion into how to become aware of the depths of your being and your huge erotic potential, how to access and orient this tremendous powerhouse inside you for:

  • physical and emotional balance
  • channeling of the sublimated energies of the orgasm for thriving vitality, creativity, willpower, affection, spiritual intuition, superior intelligence, the conscious communion with God.
  • the enrichment of the experience of your own eroticism

Workshop coordinator

Ákos is a musician, actor and multimedia artist. Passionate about the study and practice of Tantra for over 20 years, he has a rich experience in working with groups and teams from around the continent, using art, games and group techniques to achieve better congruence, communion and creativity in groups.
He is interested in transpersonal psychology, holistic and integrative methods of spiritual transformation and artistic creation. Discovering a calling for tantric orgasm coaching, Ákos is continuously exploring ways to alchemise the human emotions and other energies with the help of the unfathomable experience of the orgasm, which can constitute an accessible trampoline for peak spiritual achievements.