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Why this course?

This course creates a theoretical and practical framework, as a clear map, for the seeker to find the way to their souls through the labyrinth of the psyche-personality-ego structure. Participants learn how to work in accordance with their specific typology so that the different masculine and feminine aspects find the right place in their inner universe.

Participants have the chance to know, gradually awaken and consciously manifest in and through themselves these masculine and feminine archetypes. This map pictures one of the fastest paths of spiritual awakening and transformation – it’s worth discovering it.

Each of the four archetype pairs will be studied during three whole days. Each day after a preliminary theoretical presentation you will have the chance to experience the manifestation of the specific energies of the archetype through practical methods: movement, dance, games, role-playing, exemplifications, creative visualization, rituals and more.

What does this course offer?

  •  You will experience the specificities of the four basic archetypal pair and their relationship with each other.
  • You will learn to recognize their specific manifestations in yourself, in life situations, relationships, inner states and attitudes.
  • You will acquire the methods that enable you to invoke, awaken and amplify in yourself any time at will the energy of an archetype.
  •  You will learn how to use the archetypal energies to amplify your femininity (women) and masculinity (men)
  •  You will understand when and which archetype you should manifest so that your relationships with others be the most harmonious and fruitful.
  •  You will learn to use the archetypes for the fulfillment of the uniqueness of your soul and in the process of accelerating your spiritual development
  •  You will be able to recognize the essence and manifestations and reflections of the pure divine archetypes in your own life
  •  You will understand the connection between the masculine and feminine archetypes with your life mission and their role in the conscious shaping of your destiny.

How it works?

This course, from all the basic divine archetypes, has chosen the feminine and masculine archetypes having the motivation that the necessary “fuel“ for an accelerated spiritual transformation can be the easiest to obtain through relationships and especially love relationships between man and woman. The love and attraction between a man and a woman gives dynamism, power which can be used as spiritual fuel on the path of transformation. According to the law of polarity the power of the relationship depends on the level of awakening of the masculine and feminine aspects. By knowing and consciously using the energies of each archetype we can easily amplify our specific masculine or feminine energies.

What are the archetypes?

The archetypes are divine matrices, through which the whole Universe has been created and structured.
At the human level they manifest as the fundamental energies of the soul, being at the same time reflections of specific divine attributes.
They help us recognize life situations, understand life-lessons.
They help us act more adequately in a situation that is related to a certain archetype.

They help us integrate into the divine harmony.
In the ego-personality they have more or less disharmonious aspects but the more the soul awakens the more it reflects Divine perfection. This is the spiritual development
The full awakening of the soul is eventually the complete awakening of the masculine and feminine archetypes in their purest and most perfect form. The Glorious State of Androgyny.

To work with an archetype means:
To become acquainted with the qualities of the original, pure divine form of the archetype.
To manifest it consciously in its purest and most harmonious form in the corresponding life situation.
As a result we can find the most adequate attitude, decision and action in each situation and arrive closer and closer to the most elevated parts of our being.

Perfect Lover and Fascinator

This pair of archetypes it is worth studying and understand them because the image that surrounds them is misunderstood and filled with ambiguous misconceptions, prejudices, fears and so on. The lack of good knowledge causes most of the problems and suffering in today’s life. The energy of this pair of archetypes brings the intent, the impulse to life, and certain intensity, openness to love, creativity, inner freedom, spontaneity, the ability to expand through love and to create harmony in our relationships.

We welcome everyone to join the workshop even if you have not attended the previous one (Magician & Initiatress)

Workshop coordinators

Aimen Klimmeron- Csibi István is a stage director, writer and coach, author of the tantric novel “Kama Pura – The Isle of Delights” (2004), as well as of a book dealing with the theme of life mission “Interview with Destiny” (2010). He is a practitioner of the tantric spiritual path.