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Esoteric Music Workshop

The awakening of the soul through music

How many of us have experienced the awakening of the Soul through music?

Did you know that music can have a color or that an image can have a sound? That our level of consciousness has an associated sound?
In this workshop several esoteric and mysterious elements of music will be unveiled. Behind the sounds that form a musical piece there are elements that many have known, but which are not revealed to us today. From matter to healing, music can also be a therapy and a recognition of ourselves.

Through a profound approach to the 7 main levels of consciousness of the human being and the universal principles and laws we will bring to light, through practical exercises, the esoteric elements that allow us to perfect musical creation.

This Workshop is aimed for all (whether you are a musician or not)

Workshop Coordinators

Ines Igrejas - Born in Portugal, Inês Igrejas has a master's degree in Music Sciences, specializing in Ethnomusicology at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Her musical practice began with the study of piano and singing and for 12 years she was the vocalist of a Portuguese folk music group.

In the past ten years she has been dedicated mainly to teaching and conducting and in the last four years has been the director of the Conservatory of Music, Dance and Dramatic Art of Lisbon. She was the conductor of a prestigious children's choir with which she won two silver medals in an international music competition with more than 2000 participants. Throughout her artistic race she appeared in public with several types of art and was invited twice to conduct for two Presidents of the Portuguese Republic.

For six years she has been studying and practicing Tantra and living her life in accordance with this philosophy that gave her the knowledge and the curiosity to discover the hidden meanings of the musical elements. She applies this knowledge it in the various forms of Art, in a quest to unequivocally practice Objective Art.

Francisco Moser - Born in Lisbon, Francisco Moser is graduated in Physics by the University of Lisbon, graduated in Orchestra Musician by the National Superior Academy of Orchestra and master in Music – Violin by the University of Évora.

From early age he revealed a big curiosity to know the mysteries of the Universe and of the human being. The question “Who am I?” was a presence in his life. He discovered the sciences of Yoga and Tantra through a perseverant practice, that helped him to find the answer to many of his questions and to grow as a person.