Series of Conferences About Sacred Eroticism

The topic of eroticism, want it or not, impregnates our everyday life. Most of the advertisements continuously manipulate our subconscious, exciting our instinctual desires. They produce a continuous state of unquenchable thirst by the enticing promise of a future fulfillment.

Sacred Eroticism also uses the sexual energy, but with a completely different aim, perspective, vision, system of values and consequently with a completely different result.

Sacred Eroticism brings the state of sacredness to the individual who practices it, the place where they practice it as well as the actions and the manifested energies.

Sacred eroticism is a revolutionary perspective, a new and sublime way of approaching the erotic. Its main tool and also result is the acquiring of a transfiguring perspective upon life. The capacity to continuously transfigure ourselves and our surrounding endows us with the gift of a new perspective from which everything that seemed profane before becomes sacred; matter is ennobled through spirit.