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Magical HeArt


What is Magical heart about?

Do you like magic? Most likely, you do.
Because it reminds you that things are not always what they seem.
Because you love to be surprised.
Because even if you know it is just a show, you like to watch through the eyes of someone who thinks the levitation part is for real and so it is also the materialization and disappearance of objects. And this is because you like to experience how it feels to believe in miracles.
You do like mystery. Because it gets you excited and it confirms that maybe there is something more besides the everyday mechanical life.
Do you know that neuroscience proved that our own brain has the potential of an authentic magician? This is a fact that we can be certain about.
How can you stop yourself from running on automatic pilot?
How can you convince your mind to assume the role of a true magician, in order to lead the way for you to find authentic inner fulfillment?

There are a few steps :

- Identify and then remove all the misleading mechanism of your mind;
- Apply some procedures in order to stop being conditioned by negative emotions;
- Relax
- Practice your attention and learn how to concentrate

Why working with a magician?

Because magicians discovered, even before neuroscientists did, the way it which the mind works. And they used its repetitive schemes to devise tricks for their shows.
When we are part of an audience and we watch the show there is no problem that we take as real something that is part of an illusion. But if we do this in our daily life with things that are only illusory?
What if we put limits to our own creativity, to our intelligence, creativity and joy of life only because we take a simple rope as a snake or a snake as a rope?
Magicians’ practice it is based on centuries of experience. They had to find answers to some similar questions as those which exists in today’s neuroscience and the magicians’ intuitive knowledge about the mechanisms of perception, attention and memory have proven to be solid.

What will you obtain more precisely?

Unlimited access to your highest potential of:
- Lucidity
- Attention
- Focus
- Efficiency
- Creativity

What will you discover that you already have?

Unlimited access to your highest potential of:
- The ability to think outside the box
- Multidimensional inteligence
- The capacity of exploration
- The power to live in the moment
- Superior intuition
- A connection with your inner self

Workshop Coordinators

Mayavin - He studied at the renowned Buenos Aires “Bar Magico” (Tango Magic) school. For the past 13 years he has been performing regularly at various events and artistic events throughout South America and Europe. He is a yoga and tantra practitioner and he is blending his spiritual studies and inner discoveries with his magic (and magical) performances. He won a talent show competition on TV in 2010.