We invite you for amazing journeys in the magical world of the traditional Indian healing,




The millenary tradition and experiences of the sacred healing, Ayurveda, can help to heal and purify our physical, psychical body and at the same time even offer a great opportunity to know better the basic elements of the Creation and the Divine Principles.

With the gifts of the Nature, like pure oils, plants, scents and the water in different forms used in a conscious way can heal in very deep levels. They help our Souls to blossom and can help in letting go the unnecessary things from the physical, mental, emotional levels.

Relaxing and cleaning our mind, we are more capable to reach the level of our Soul and know ourselves better and better. Then we are more capable to experience our true nature, the essence of our being.

Especially, the Panchakarma techniques which present the purifying branch of Ayurveda are dedicated for cleaning and rejuvenation. Everybody can find the most compatible method in it which help him or her the best, depending on the structure of the person or on the case based on a special problem also.

With the help of the sacred knowledge about healing, Ayurveda, we can get closer to our Soul and reach a healthy state in many levels.

We invite you to experience it through the treatments which we involve in our different activities, like preparations and helping tools on the way of Realization of our Divine Essence.