We are pleased to say that we are more and more who experienced the supportive and healing power of such a female community or group where instead of rivalry and competition exist the love in sisterhood, learning from each other, taking care of each other and the sensation of unity.

The society nowadays doesn’t offer a natural framework to experience such a community; in girlhood, we perform community with our girlfriends from the same age where the chance to learn from wiser or more experienced women is minimal, and later on by the appearance of the couple relationship, marriage and family nucleus model even the role of these communities are weakening or fading out totally.

In a place, where the women gather together for attending their feminity, admiring their qualities, helping each other, sharing their secrets among women, the soul is healing and blossoming, the whole place filled by joy, harmony and peace.

In the modern world, the soul of many women is so injured or closed that it’s hard for them to receive even a touch or let themselves melt in an embrace and almost with nobody or just with few they are able to experience true intimacy.

These blockages and injuries are disolving and healing quickly in an ambient filled with love preparing us to behave with our loved man with more and more openness, harmony, intimacy and devotion, attracting the men who requite our openness, harmony and devotion with admiration, respect and profound love.

A woman who is not conscious about her own feminity or refuses it couldn’t be a true supporting couple for the man’s soul, this leads often to role conflicts or other problems and the relationship will be less fulfilling.

A women community full of love is a perfect scene for discovering, accepting, developing our feminity, becoming conscious about our qualities and through admiration assimilating other feminin qualities.

On the programs of our assosiation we aim to form an ambient like this.