The largest source of energy of every human being is hidden in his own erotic potential. Amorous erotic continence is the most efficient method for exploring, wisely using and even amplifying this potential.

What is amorous erotic continence?

Erotic amorous continence stands for the perfect control over the creative sexual potential. It implies the capacity to transform sexual fluids into energy (transmutation) and to elevate this energy to the higher levels of our being (sublimation). 

The first step a man does for learning erotic amorous continence is the retention of semen, which afterwards is transformed into subtle energy by means of various tantric methods. It also includes elimination of pollutions during the night.

Woman’s continence consists of not having explosive orgasms, through which she loses the energy and sexual appetite, but instead transforming that type of orgasm into a tantric implosive, even continuous orgasm. At the same time, it implies reducing or even completely suspending the menstrual secretions in a natural, healthy way.


According to tantric teachings erotic amorous continence is unconceivable without the manifestation of sublime love, divine eroticism and mutual transfiguration in the inner universe of the lovers.

The largest source of energy of every human being is hidden in his own erotic potential. Erotic amorous continence is the most efficient method for exploring, wisely using and even amplifying this potential. It is also a joyful remedy, a natural therapy available to everyone at any time.

Considering this it would be reasonable to handle this very precious source of energy we have at our disposal with much care and wisdom. Unfortunately, immense majority of people know only one way of dealing with sexual potential: wasting it through ejaculation (men) and menstruation (woman).


Orgasm and ejaculation are two different phenomena

According to the Tantric teachings ejaculation is a highly unhealthy habit. However, the vast majority of people on this planet erroneously believe that orgasm and ejaculation are the same thing. In reality, it is scientifically proven that orgasm and ejaculation, although close to one another, are two different physiological phenomena.

A man can have an unlimited number of ecstatic orgasms without ever ejaculating. It is striking that most of the people live their lives without ever hearing about this fact that would fundamentally change their fate.


The erotic potential is like a family heritage. It is up to us how we will use it.

The erotic potential is like a family heritage. There are people who fearfully guard it, others who debauch it like prodigal sons, and finally there are those who invest it wisely and thereafter rejoice from great vitality and potency until the old age. One thing we can be sure of: this “heredity” is not available in measureless quantities and will not last for ever.

Since very old times people have noticed that the amount of sperm a man ejaculates in a lifetime is a given amount. And it is up to a man how he will use it. He can spend it within some years or he can preserve it until the very old age, transmuting it in a wise way and thus keeping his youth and potency at full power. There are undeniable cases known of men that have been fertile even after 100.

It is important to realize that once the sperm resource is over and therefore no longer present within the body vitality, memory, creativity and physical strength seriously decrease and a man becomes a prey to the old age.

We normally can see that the andropause (sexual rest that man is forced to by the end of his life) is highly delayed if the man had preserved his sexual creative potential through erotic amorous continence.

Erotic amorous continence increases inner power

 There is a close connection between the erotic potential and the inner force of a man or a woman. It is a known fact that people with special inner force also possess great sexual potential.

For example, in ancient China, the emperors knew how to preserve their sexual potential, in fact practicing erotic amorous continence, in order to have huge inner force for ruling the country.

Due to the fact that erotic amorous continence is almost completely unknown to the people, those who want to preserve their inner power choose to restrain from frequent sexual intercourse. Such are for example the men of power (political leaders, militaries) As they consider between frequent sex and career they would rather choose the career. It is also known that great sportsmen are recommended to keep abstinence for some days or even weeks before participating to the competition. And all of this for the same reason – to preserve inner force and vitality.

The woman who practices lovemaking with erotic continence has a special erotic radiance and her beauty often last for incredibly long time.  





However, abstinence cannot stand for a harmonious solution, because men tend to lose sexual potential while asleep, by pollution and women by abundant and painful menstruation.

In conclusion we can say that our sexual potential is a gift given to us by birth. We can either consume it, remaining without anything towards the end of our life; or we can invest it wisely, transforming it into a great inner power and spiritual force.

The advantages of practicing erotic amorous continence:

Once we start practicing erotic amorous continence we discover plenty of benefits it carries within.


  • It enhances our experience of sublime pleasure, allowing us to discover various nuances of pleasure;
  • allows us to live overwhelming states of orgasms (both for men and women) as well as to discover various types of orgasms;
  • awakens erotic appetite and the state of unsatiety, when the two lovers seem to never have enough of each other, continuously longing for each other;
  • increases greatly our capacity to love;
  • ensures erotic longevity;
  • increases vitality;
  • stimulates regeneration and rejuvenation;
  • eliminates feebleness, turpitude after lovemaking;
  • restores psychic balance;
  • improves creativity;
  • awakens intelligence;
  • intensifies charm and erotic radiance in the case of women and charisma for the men;
  • prevents undesired pregnancy;
  • decreases considerably women’s monthly period, soothes unfavourable physiological and psychological effects of premenstrual syndrome;
  • harmonizes the shape of the body, leads to the natural enlargement of the women’s breasts.

And ultimately, through the practice of erotic amorous continence and through embracing Sacred Love in our lives we get the chance to rediscover ourselves as spiritual beings, to attain a superior understanding of love, of life, of the Universe and finally to reach the Supreme State of Spiritual Realization.