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February 17, 2022 | 18:00-20:30

Probably you know that thirst to feel totally alive,
To experience the joy through every inch of you,
To feel fully embodied and expressed as an archetypal woman, powerful and graceful, playful and wise, overwhelmingly sensual and beautiful, vibrating from the tips of your fingers to your eyelashes.

You know so well the thirst to connect with your uniqueness and to bring it to light.
Nobody can force a tree to produce a peach. But if you find a proper soil, water, atmosphere and you do what is needed for its growth, then a delicious juicy peach will grow.

The same is with your body and its innate capacity to flow with great aliveness, to experience tremendous bliss and an expansive sense of authentic freedom.
And there is a shortcut for you to fuse with love and life – Sacred Dance InExtasy.

A strong practice that brings together ancient traditions, top neuroscience discoveries, power of sacred art and transformational spiritual methods.
So if you want to dance like you never did, to deeply heal and connect, to experience how to be in rhythm with the Universe, to create a new reality, to move the world…

You are welcome to the Sacred Dance InEcstasy Course where you will:

⌘ receive practical tools to start exploring the wisdom of your body
⌘ recharge your energy, vitality and joy of life
⌘ awaken inside of you universal power of pure eros and sensual aliveness OR effervescence
⌘ receive simple but profound exercises that unify your body, mind and soul, by starting to dissolve inner tensions and insecurities
⌘ access the essence of your magnificent femininity
⌘ make first steps towards your potential to experience ecstasy.

We will discover together in an intimate brilliant circle of women how to move through the world as a blessing … because this world needs it right now.

First, offer yourself a gift of dancing.
Then dance and be a gift for all.

📞 Registration:
+36 30 173 4696; kapcsolat@artextasia.com


February 17, 2022
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ArtExtasia Esoteric Art Center
Üllői út 95
Budapest, Hungary
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