Date(s) - 31/10/2020
17:30 - 20:30

ArtExtasia Ezoterikus Művészeti Központ

Practical course – for women only!
We invite you to be part of this fascinating inner journey. We have already presented the sublime, unforgettable and secret aspects about what the Mystery of the path of Initiation means, we understood that when we are able to receive the Grace and then apply what we have learned with perseverance and aspiration, it allows us to successfully access other levels of understanding.
It is important that our soul opens up because just there, in full consciousness, the spiritual journey begins. This is our new challenge. We will offer you specific techniques and teachings to carry out this transformative process.
ArtExtasia Esoteric Art Center, Üllői út 95, Budapest
Workshop fee per month: 21,000 ft
Pre-registration is required by email or phone.
Please contact us for more information:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0630-173-4696