Our hearts are filled  with excitement because of finally meeting our dear sisters in person after such a long break.

The past weeks were intense for us – 2 live events for our ever-growing feminine circle.

One of them was last Saturday, and it echoes till today. Here is what one of the participants shared with us:

I really needed this event to observe myself as a woman in a feminine circle. And I was positively disappointed. I have always thought that women were jealous to each other and I used to have bad experiences in my interaction with women… I realized that I was blocking my feminine energy because I was afraid of rejection. It was quite a surprise that in the exercise a lot of women approached me, connected with me in a beautiful and touching way”.

It feels us with joy to see that after every meeting of our ecstatic feminine circle we receive this kind of feedback – women feel that in this intimate atmosphere their souls can easily connect and exchange their inner treasures.

We are so grateful that you come and share unrepeatable experiences of life and love, your unique feminine nuances.

We could see what kind of impact an experience of one woman can have upon the life of another:

It was a big revelation when one of the hosts of the workshop told us how she could turn a hard situation and manage her emotions by realizing that the goal of her action in that moment was bigger than her. This gave me a lot of courage that I really need these days”.