Until we listen to the voice of the conscience we are captives of a fractured way of thinking and we perceive a split between body and spirit, between heart and mind.

The divine spark resides in the heart of the human being.

The human mind has never been seen as an inner sanctuary. And rightly so.

For only the human heart can be a reflection of the universal heart. But today the heart, for most of us, is kept behind bars. Its jailer is the mind, which keeps us prisoner through thought patterns. Drowned in the desire for pleasure, our mind sinks into the mud of all the weaknesses; addictions, compulsions, negativity and all kinds of greed. The mind cannot be satisfied and it’s never fulfilled because it forages only for plastic food.

But the heart claims true fulfilment, permanently attracting experiences that help it develop its capacity to unite with the Essence, with the light that Light Itself has planted within. The heart yearns to be one with this, and when the mind is educated, aided and trained to open up to a higher level of understanding upon life, it is the conscience that begins to make the decisions.

But until we make this step towards transformation, the mind dominates and conditions us.

Unless we listen to the voice of the conscience we are slaves to a fractured way of thinking and we perceive only separation between body and spirit, heart and mind; we perceive ourselves constantly divided as humanity into men and women, whites and other races, young and old, strong and weak. This way of thinking makes us to no longer perceive either our inner unity or our unbreakable communion as part of the Whole.

Sexuality too is affected by this distortionIt is sick. And we are not referring to situations where traumas appear after an abuse or disease but to the overall situation – eroticism has been de-sacralized. It has become a carnal obsession, a chasing after pleasure and the unconscious consumption of our own being and of the being that we are in relationship with.

The hasty way of making love, the race against time for a poor, singular orgasm, throttled by ejaculation keeps both male and female captive in the physiological. Every experience is pitifully short, self-absorbed, ultimately tiring and solitary; dramatically limiting them.

Because sexuality is so troubled today, even in the couples that experience the feeling of love, women are unfulfilled. Even in the most intense love relationships, women feel that they lack something, that they cannot achieve their real potential, cannot fulfill their true mission. They feel an indescribable longing for a Higher Reality; they know there must be something more to this, but don’t know how to ask for it or find it. Consumed with an unknowing thirst for the Infinite, many of them finally resign themselves to unfulfillment.


Is there any solution?

Yes – the leap from carnal sexuality, which only consumes (and consumes itself) to divine eroticism and sacred love that connect us with our essence and the essence of the world – the heart. Restored in us as a mystical enthusiasm, eroticism finds again its elevating power and thus can lead to a state of spiritual communion with the sacred essence of the beloved being and of the entire universe.

Tantric art can trigger and sustain this leap that normal eroticism needs in order to be healed. Through transfiguration and sublimation Tantric Art can become a constant presence in our lives.

How? There are a few different approaches. By savouring Tantric artworks – dance, paintings, photographs, movies, music, sculpture, performances, poetry. Discovering and cultivating our own talent in one of the fields of art and creating according to the tantric vision.

But the most important and suitable for anyone who wants to open their awareness to the infinite is to use the path of Tantra to transform ourselves from consumers into creators of our own lives.

For Tantric Art is primarily the art of living – to be fully present in all the acts of our daily lives, to contemplate all that exists beneath the surface, to live  the voluptuousness that is beyond the senses.

This is the art that directs the mind to beauty and divine truth, the art that awakens the soul and guides us towards fulfilling our true mission in the Planet Earth: union with the Divine.