Sisterhood is not defined by birth. It is an enigmatic, inexplicable state of oneness which appears between women who truly love each other.

It is such an art to unceasingly feel others and, regardless of our own preoccupations, be there right when it’s needed. In our community we sincerely aim to master this art.


Here is a short sketch from our life together:

In one quiet evening every girl was in her room meditating, reading, taking care of herself or preparing to go to bed, when something appeared in the air… a sudden urge, a mysterious inner impulse, the source of which was yet to be discovered. 

One door was opened, then another and another… within one minute, having no objective reason for it, 4 or 5 girls decided to pass through the corridor, so empty and silent in the previous hour. 

It felt like an invisible magnet was drawing our hearts together, as an expression of an unrevealed necessity.

We all met in front of one room, in the middle of which our dear sister was sitting with a puzzled look on her face.

What is happening?”, we were trying to figure out, looking surprised at each other. “Why are we all here?”

The answer was right before our loving eyes. Our dear friend had been struggling with a task and found herself in the need for a warm and supporting embrace. 

Her heart had sent a signal and we – all tuned in the same frequency – felt its reverberations and immediately came to answer it.

The mysterious calling for that late-night gathering was the whisper of empathy, the delicate fruit of the soul-connection between us, which we have been growing and nourishing day after day.

Our so right-on-time appearance, the touching feeling of unity and a portion of good laughter helped our sister to easily overcome the critical moment. 

The harmony was restored and, happy and fulfilled by this inexpressible feeling of unity, we continued our fascinating inner work, the ceaseless training of the alert sensitivity of our hearts.