Last week our ecstatic team was vibrating with enthusiasm.

The final of the 1st module was coming and we felt inspired to create a special gift for our students – a video that would be a vivid example of the effervescent vitality.⠀

The first day of shooting was like a grace – every piece of puzzle was spontaneously coming together. We were like joyful bees, buzzing and laughing, preparing beautiful things that would be soon turned into flavors of our artistic honey.⠀

Each of us joined with her unique gift: with her aesthetic eye, organization skills or dancing talent.. and one cooked pancakes for us meanwhile.

Next day we were ready to film again, when we looked out the window. The sky, so clear and blue yesterday, today was covered with heavy clouds. The forecast didn’t promise any clearance.

For a moment, our team’s spirit was shaken. Should we cancel the shooting?

Encouraged by the goal, which ignited us, we decided not to give up. We opened the door to leave and – surprise – it just started to rain.

We wondered again: was the melody of this shooting in harmony with the whole cosmic symphony?

Mind alone can’t give this kind of answer. Closing our eyes, we immersed in the silence of our hearts, listening to the whisper of the Composer. His answer echoed clearly. We held each other’s hands and started our walk of faith.

It takes half an hour hiking up the hill to get to the filming place. Exactly when we reached the top, the sky started to clear. The sun was shining splendidly, kissing our cheeks and making them blush like when we were falling in love for the first time.

It may seem that this unpredictable burst of light was a miracle that reflected the glorious presence of God. But in reality He was present in the rain as well. He offers us both a challenge and His Grace, and it is our task to make a leap from one to the other.