The Perfect Woman, a splendid masterpiece signed by God Himself

Module 2

“Cultivating sublime emotions


amplification of creative power”


Our feminine inner world is full of all kinds of emotions and through creativity you can turn them into your artistic resources and to fulfill your archetypical feminine potential.

The following 4 classes will:

1. Introduce you the secret powers of elevated art and offer you a unique method that helps

    • to alchemize your disturbing emotions and transform them into superior ways of your expression – joy, bliss, love, creativity

    • to purify and lay down the burden of your toxic emotional patterns

    • to discover and manifest uniqueness and true potential of your extraordinary femininity

    • to unleash your spontaneity and cultivate your charming, ageless freshness

    • to express your unrepeatable inner beauty

2. Give you the map, the compass and our guidance on each step of your journey from being the victim of your own emotions to becoming creator of your life as a masterpiece

3. Teach you how to be the only master of your states

4. Show you access to your own hidden resources to create everything your soul aspires

5. Reveal you a shortcut to your multidimensional creativity – tuning your erotic potential with the highest octave: pure Eros.


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