The power of enchantment, the magical magnetism is an essential quality of the woman who has thoroughly awakened the mysterious connection with the Universal Feminine Principle in her innermost being.

In front of such a woman we are ready to loose ourselves…. in order to find who we really are, to meet our true Self.

That’s the divine meaning of the mysterious fascinating power of a spiritually awakened woman: it is not meant for conquering men, not for manipulating them, but for drawing his attention to the power of beauty, to the beauty of mystery and to the mystery of the divine reality.


The traveller who has the chance and the courage to enter the wondrous realm of such a woman cannot be but completely fascinated and filled with exhilaration. It is like entering a Universe of marvellous mysteries and ceaseless challenges.

The more you discover of its hidden secrets the more attracted you feel to search on, to explore and try to grasp as much as possible of this state of mystery, so that you can finally reach the ultimate source that goes far beyond anything we could ever imagine.

In our contemporary society a stronger and stronger emphasis is put on the external accessories of embellishment, in a more or less artificial way. Still, women have lost a lot of their fascinating power…. because the knowledge about the true nature of the woman fell into oblivion – of her true nature that is closely related to the very source of Mystery, the Mystery of Divine Creation itself.

Modern women have forgotten how it is to be a real woman. There appeared these different types of the “new woman”: the business woman, the politician woman, the leader woman, to name just a few… In the case of simple women other causes lead to the diminution of femininity: stress, difficulties of everyday life, problems related to the family, children, the household, diseases, and so on.

All these had as a result the decrease of specific feminine qualities at societal level. It is quite an alarming situation because without her fundamental feminine qualities a woman cannot fulfill her mission in life as a woman and she has no chance at all to live an accomplished, glorious life – the life she was meant for by divine right.

Tantric tradition offers rapid and efficient methods with which the woman can regain her beauty, her harmony, her sublime capacity to love, the mystery and fascinating power that make her apt for her true role: that of an Initiatress into the secrets of the Spirit.

The fascinating power of a woman that is in fact the occult resonance with an attribute of God: the attribute of the Divine Mystery is indispensable for her to be able to fulfill her mission on this planet as a woman.

The infinite charm of the Eternal Feminine has the power to fascinate, to suddenly stop or instantaneously paralyze all activity of the mind, thus it offers the possibility of an instant access to the superior realms of reality and even to the blissful void of the Supreme BeingGod the Father. The beauty exerts the same influence as the void upon us, the impact of an imperious attraction in front of which any resistance becomes useless.

To „fascinate” means to have a huge power of attraction upon another human being by entering, consciously or unconsciously into resonance with gigantic subtle energies. 

The fascinated being is almost completely absorbed by the overwhelming presence of the fascinator, without being hypnotized. Neutral in its essence, fascination is a very complex phenomenon that can be, like any other phenomenon in the universe, orientated in a positive or a negative way.

And since the woman is the one who usually exerts such a magnetic effect, it is very important that she has a rightful motivation, a beneficial orientation, an authentic spiritual power and an adequate level of wisdom. In this way, she will be able to help the man get closer and closer to spirituality, to the divine aspects of reality, so she will fulfill her vocation as an Initiatress.

Positive fascination is always something pleasant and mysterious, because in reality what fascinates and attracts us is Mystery itself.  Hence, the woman who consciously cultivates the state of mystery and amplifies the state of feminine mystery in her being will very soon attain an enormous beneficial power of fascination.

The feminine mystery can be identified with the cosmic mystery of Creation. It is the same mystery that calls us, fascinates us, and irresistibly attracts us.

Modern woman will have to understand that the state of profound mystery is a direct and rapid gateway, a portal to the real knowledge of Creation and Nature. Therefore the woman who will succeed to identify herself as much as possible with this mystery will become as fascinating as the Nature itself.

In the human being the attraction towards the unknown, toward what challenges us and demands all our efforts to obtain it, pre-exists, that’s why we have a great impetus for exploration. And the ultimate source of attraction is the fascination of beauty and harmony that is the sublime divine fascination.