Why Dombi?

The Dombi Initiation Movement has chosen this significant name because its aim is to create the possibility and means for many women on this planet to awaken in their own being a special kind of superior femininity.

Such femininity is symbolically described and at the same time highly venerated in the tradition of the oriental spirituality – especially those having a tantric orientation – as “The Dombi Woman”.

This represents a sum of fundamental feminine qualities that once awakened, enable women to discover and assume their true role in the life of human society, which is first of all the role of the Initiator into the Supreme Divine Mysteries of the Creation and of the spiritual transformation of the human being.


The woman as an initiator

Because of her amazing orgasmic capacity the woman is spontaneouslyprepared for the tantric path, for transmitting mystical teachings of the highest level in a direct way. Any woman, who is harmoniously structured and fully conscious of her potential, is a very powerful cosmic mediator.  She can easily reach the Ultimate Divine Reality through her superior intuition.

The woman has in her, even without knowing it, an immense erotic power that can be completely sublimatedthrough transmutation and a beneficial orientation of her creative potential, and this will make her feel closer and closer to the Creator.


The Dombi woman

Most descriptions of the oriental wisdom present the Dombi Woman as a woman of an inferior caste or outside all castes, which means that she has a certain disposition that helps her access the spiritual truths more easily. As we know, these spiritual experiences are generally beyond, or outside of, rigid mainstream views and principles.

The Dombi, the woman who “should not be touched” is often the symbol of the feminine energy itself, as this energy is also untouchable or, in other words, its realm is beyond the capacity for comprehension of the human mind and the senses.

She is also called the “washing woman” as she, through her purity, has an immense capacity to purifyharmoniseelevate and sacralise every aspect that she comes into contact with.

In the book “Masters of the Mahamudra Path, vol. 1 (The Legends of the Eighty-four Mahasiddhas) Dombi designates “women of the lower caste or outside castes, that were chosen as consorts by the yogis because of their fully manifested femininity, lack of inhibitions and prejudices, and for their capacity of total abandonment to the man perceived as the manifestation of the Supreme Divine Consciousness, of the Universal Masculine Principle.”

Mircea Eliade the famous orientalist describes the Dombi woman in his book “Spirituality and the Sacred Languages” as being  “… a woman of extraordinary sensuality, a hypererotic woman who can help the tantric men reach transcendence, as this gigantic energy that Dombi possesses, either natively or by the enhancement of her sensuality, causes the awakening of Kundalini, which helps both her and the man to rapidly attain the state of androgyny and leads them to transcendence.”

The Dombi woman is often considered as being a clearly visible manifestation of the Great Goddess, the fascinating Nude Goddess, known as such (from prehistoric times) in the Afro-Asian and Euro-Asian cultures. The “Nude Goddess” whose rudimentary statues are to be found throughout prehistory and proto-history of these cultures. She is portrayed as being nude and fascinating as “she is not dressed in any form”.

In other words she represents a sum of infinite creative potentialities just like Nature that she so perfectly embodies.

Dombi incarnates the spontaneous, voluptuous, almighty femininity that is unrestrained by any moral codes, social concepts, castes etc. She is completely “nude” because she is fascinating and she has no form, no limitationsand no moral restraints.

Beyond good and badexceeding any labels or defnitions, this Dombi represents the “unformed Nature”, the creative feminine energy that breaks all barriersexceeds all limitationspenetrates everything and exists everywhere, making everything possible.




The qualities of the Dombi woman

In the tantric tradition the Dombi woman, through her vitality and overwhelming erotic energy, and because of her inner freedom and lack of prejudice is a catalyst of exceptional spiritual states, during amorous fusions with men who perfectly master sexual continence.

Through the symbol of the Dombi woman the oriental tradition presents a range of essential qualities that every woman who aspires to self-knowledgespiritual awakening and fulfilment, should possess. Here you have some of these fundamental qualities: 

  • Capacity to love which is in fact her capacity to open herself, to be able to channel the universal energy of the sublime divine love through her own being.
  • Beauty, that has to be exterior and interior at the same time, is an essential divine attribute of the Creation and a specific category of the manifestation that, together with the Good and Truth, form the Triad of essential attributes of the Supreme Creator. A woman should ceaselessly cultivate in her own being, behaviour and attitudes, this fundamental divine quality.
  • Simplicity brings into the woman’s being ways of expression and action that are quite opposite to what many women manifest (such as irascibility, insecurity or egoism). In the case of an awakened and harmonious woman simplicity is manifested like a natural state of positive attitude towards situations, things and people, of an exemplary common sense, good will and a state of continuous serenity.  Together with humblenesssimplicity gifts a woman with true radiance and beauty, as well as a real capacity to rejoice for everything she has, to be contented and gratefulto be able to givenot only expect to be given.
  • Vitality represents energyforce, life power. It confers harmony and balance, health, efficiency in action and a capacity to sustain all eroticemotionalmental and spiritual states. Power is controlled energy, and a vital woman has an overwhelming energy. Hevajra Tantra says: “Without a harmonious body that is full of vitality the supreme beatitude cannot be attained.”
  • Flexibility of the body. When a vital and exceptional woman is also endowed with a great flexibility of the body, this shows that the divine energies can easily pass through her being. The body of such a woman proves at the same time a certain transparency for the Divine Laws through which God manifests, plays and creates in this physical Reality.
  • Pure sensuousness which is the base of sacred and transfiguring eroticism is an essential quality because it brings in the starting element, the desire or the spark that ignites the whole process. Eros is the dynamic amorous expression of love. It is the entirety of life’s integrating pulsations manifested as libido, sustained by the principle of polarity” (+ and -) and pleasure.
  • Inner freedom or a lack of prejudice facilitates women to live a life of complete fulfilment. This capacity, as a form of a permanent manifestation of the Divine, allows her to open during lovemaking to the intense states of plenary orgasm with perfect continence. The inner freedom, courage, curiosity, abandonment to the new, to the Unknown, to what lies “beyond” that such states of orgasm yield, can easily lift her up to the states of Divine Ecstasy (Samadhi).



Why is it important for a woman to awaken these qualities?

The more these qualities are awakened the more intensely and fully a woman is able to love and make love with transfiguration and continence.

This way she will have at her disposal more and more energy that she can transform and sublimate afterwards into Superior States of Consciousness. We could say that we are more alive and more dynamic and we have more power of transformation when we have more, harmoniously awakened, erotic energy.

An intense erotic energy reflects a capacity to experience intense erotic states and also a much stronger capacity of evolution.