The wonder of the spring lives in each of us. Nature and all its cycles are perfectly reflected in different stages, and instants, of our lives and of life in general.

Discovering the promise hidden in the scent of a flower can teach us to make miracles bloom in the garden of our own existence. If we could receive the events we face with the same thirst that our Mother Earth has at springtime, we would surely have fertile beginnings.

This mysterious season can show us the hidden power of our spirit to transform, to regenerate and be reborn, because, according to the sages, not only symbolically but concretely, spring means rebirth.


Understand the lessons of your past

The fresh impulse that nature gives us at this moment is a wonderful opportunity to dissolve bitterness and sadness and lead us to harmony. It is the moment when we can focus on creating and recreating, on experiencing new directions without fear or resentment.

Just as a butterfly only needs its own wings to fly freely, it is essential to remember again and again that our happiness depends only on ourselves. And cultivating faith and detachment in everything we do, offer and receive, makes our flight easier and more enjoyable.

The magic of spring helps us to feel the subtle connections between heaven and earth and invites us to use it as an ascending ladder to elevate our consciousness.

If we gather all our inner strength and make the effort to optimistically analyse the list of past events that bear great emotional charge for us, we can find what was good in each of them and what lessons they have offered us.

In this way we can wisely extract the message they had for us and for wider life, understanding that often the most precious gifts are wrapped in packages that are not at all attractive. Taking these steps will fulfil our heart, teach us gratitude, and show us how to earn a place in heaven.

Plant your good intentions 

The fresh green of spring, a symbol of healing and youth, pours its energy of light upon us, making us more aware of everything that happens in our lives, in nature and around us. Spring is the right time to plant the good intentions and goals from which soon our most precious dreams will grow and bear rich fruit.

The radiant dew that caresses our heart brings us relief and teaches us to forgive. The warm rays of the sun show us the way to our inner paradise – that serene space where we feel safe.

In the peace of this inner space and time, it is ideal to confess our difficulties and sufferings to the Divine Mother and listen to the voice of the Godly Truth that answers us.

Are we ready to give and receive the gifts we need for healing ourselves? Are we ready to give up everything that does not allow us to move forward? Now is the time, we just need to use the tools of light that our treasure box already contains.

According to the esoteric tradition, spring is the season of women, the period of gestation and procreation that reveals the power of female creativity.

Spring is the symbol of Mother Earth that gives birth to the whole manifestation. The exploration of this blessed season is as profound a path as the initiation into the fascinating secrets of women.

Enjoy the intimate fragrance of flowers, listen to the rustle of buds unfolding, caress the moist grass of the forest with your fingertips, contemplate the drawings of the sun on the foliage of the trees, adorn your body with all these scents.

And keeping this murmur of joy alive in your heart, you can deepen your relationship with your own femininity and discover the vastness of nature in your own being. You yourself become a cosmic spring, an eternal spring.

The pure energy of spring is also present in the various myths of creation, because it represents birth.

Biblical tradition tells us how God moulded the Macrocosm, and to its likeness the microcosm, how He separated light from darkness and gave us the perfect Garden of Eden.

Is that why spring comes every year? To remind us where we have to return?