“A beautiful, sensual and intelligent woman initiates with the same YONI from which in a previous life the man was born. Such a woman initiates with the same breasts from which in a previous life she nursed her man of today. Such a woman initiates with the same lips that once soothed the man. The woman who is conscious of her beauty, who is full of sensuality, and is intelligent is the supreme initiator in Tantra.” KAULARAHASYA

All the ancient cultures that are based on an esoteric foundation have a tradition that praises the power of the woman to initiate. Egypt, Greece, Arabia, Tibet and China all had this fundamental belief in common.


The incarnation of Beauty

The woman is considered the incarnation of beauty, sensuality and amorous vitality, being at the same time the guardian of the creative potential. Every human being is born through the YONI of a woman so everyone longs for re-entering in this realm of fascinating femininity through the act of the infinite erotic bliss attained through PERFECT EROTIC AMOROUS CONTINENCE.

Socrates the wise asked to be initiated by Diotima in the Art of Love. Initiating him she underlined the importance of perceiving the beauty that is awakened in both lovers and that directs their minds to divinity. On the other hand she taught him the secret science of elevating the passion,sublimating it from the sexual level to the spiritual.

The secret tantric teachings point out the importance of the same aspect. Even though physical beauty is very valued, beauty alone is not sufficient, especially when the woman is not aware of her qualities. The power and significance of the beauty of the soul exceed by far superficial beauty as Socrates’ example also asserts.

The ideal of beauty is described in the Indian texts like KAMA SUTRA and ANANGA RANGA. Different types of men and women are selected into certain categories according to their physical, emotional and mental features. NAYIKA SADHANA TIKA states that the woman with whom one wants to practice the Art of Love should be “extremely beautiful and of extraordinary sensuality, who has equally and harmoniously developed body and mind. Her sudden appearance will open the gates of the spontaneous, elevated states and will captivate the mind.”

Another text poetically states: “The chosen woman should be in the blossom of her youth, with charming eyes that are sending arrows of love, her features should express positive qualities, lips full of nectar, big breasts, well balanced, beautiful hips and legs, harmonious body, resembling a delicate and soft reed and when she comes to her beloved, she should wear vividly coloured silk robes.”

HEVAJRA TANTRA, an important Indian text says: “The one who is really developed in Yoga must honour his mother and his sister, as well as the dancer and the washing woman, the one outside castes and the noble one all the same. He must unite his Sceptre with her Lotus of Wisdom, without discharging his seed, at all. Through this ritual liberation is obtained, if the secret fluids are harmoniously focused in SAHASRARA”

The power to initiate

This apparently mysterious statement draws the attention upon the immense power of initiation of femininity. Later on the following explanation is offered: “GNOSIS (fundamental secret knowledge) is called «mother», because she gives birth to the world; she is also called «sister», as her love is constant; she is called «the dancer» because of her vibrating and passionate nature; she is called «the washing woman» because she gives colour to all beings, and she is called «outside the castes» because her Supreme Inner Essence (ATMAN) cannot be touched.

The formidable power of a woman to initiate is enormous, which is first of all due to her mental attitude towards sensuality, which is then considered only in a spiritual sense. Assuming an active role and courageously exploring the whole range of secrets during the act of lovemaking a beautiful, sensual and intelligent woman can bestow great subtle spiritual power to her lover.

This enigmatic power, the highest form of SHAKTI, is the direct expression of the open intuition, it is at the same time the “energy of wisdom” that is spontaneous and joyful and that can rapidly eliminate all barriers both of her and of her lover. Such a woman should initiate her lover in a daring way in this spiritual experience. In this case success lies in her capacity to manifest self-confidence and to firmly focus on the highest ideals, in her sincere aspiration to give something “special and unforgettable” to her beloved.

A huge self-confidence is an essential condition in all the rituals of initiation, as the one who initiates is the goddess that exists in every woman and is awakened by the power of transfiguration.

“The Mysterious Dakini Queen absorbed into her divine body all the peaceful and furious deities. She transformed Yogi Padma into a seed-sound that rested on her lips; and with that she pronounced the secret Blessing for Long Life. Then she swallowed this seed-sound and in the interior of her stomach Padma received the secret initiation of the Infinite Compassion. In the KUNDALINI region, in the centre of sexuality she offers the initiation of the body, of the speech and of the mind.” PADMA THANG YIG