“In Your hands I place my heart, body, love and soul. To You I offer my womb and life, sweet spouse of mine…”

St. Teresa de Avila

A woman who knows her true value,

Who trusts in her divine nature,

Who awakened her spiritual intuition

And gained godly wisdom.

A woman who inspires with her own example,

Who serves with compassion others,

While feeling the inner Goddess.

A woman whose heart is open,

Whose soul is blossoming,

Whose eyes are ever glowing with love…

is the woman of God.

Such is the woman when she doesn’t place her life in the hands of a man, but in the hands of God.

There only will she find true refuge, absolute protection and measureless love.

In God only will she discover sublime inspiration and deep fulfillment.

Divine is the source of her feminine wisdom.

From the Divine springs her mysterious fascination,

Her celestial beauty, her softness, her ravishing power,

All her charming qualities come from God.

To rediscover them within herself

she musts turn her sight onto the Divine;

and onto the Divine within her.


The first key for the spiritual awakening of a woman is aspiration.

Divining deep within her being, she will ignite the inner impetus – the aspiration for everything that is beautiful, sublime, Godly. This mysterious calling will lead her to deepen the search. Learning, practicing, assimilating new and new qualities that she discovers within (first as seeds) and then nourish day by day, she will gradually rediscover the magnificence of her Feminine Nature.


Such is a Dombi woman.

She is so much in love with God that her deepest longing to unite with the Supreme Beloved leads her to the states of divine ecstasy.

The delicious intimacy with God, that she constantly nourishes, is the source of her mysterious charm and enigmatic radiance. Her overwhelming erotic power springs from her complete openness to God and her total, frantic self-offering to Him.

She is the one who walks the journey of life detached from worldly pleasures because her greatest pleasure is the one of melting in God’s amorous embrace.