We live in a pretty crazy world. There are all kinds of arguments and conflicts about freedom, about the idea of being who we want to be. It may seem that things are going a bit too far and we end up being confused, even alienated from our true self, trying to show our liberal and tolerant point of view. In the light of all the events and trends that are circulating all over the world, the idea of what it actually means to be a man and/or a woman has become pretty blurry.


The contemporary woman

In all this mess and confusion the universal principles of femininity and masculinity lose their true meaning and importance as complementary principles. Contemporary women do not get to discover their divine nature. Most of them can be divided into three categories.

Some of them try to become the kind of woman that is promoted in mass-media, so they become obsessed with looks. These women get to have an altered image of themselves and are consumed by their insecurities.

Other women, scared to become more, to reach their potential, become wives only to get into a safe zone, even if that alleged safe zone offers them nothing else but predictability and routine. In some cases they even subordinate to an abusive husband, stifling their own aspirations, choosing not to have the courage to be women in their own right.

And then there are the women that choose to be independent, to be successful, to be no less than a man can be. In many cases, this kind of women forget what it means to be a woman, trying to hard to be ”equal” to men. Some of them even reject men and their courteous efforts. Rejecting the gifts that come with us being born a man or a woman hurts our soul. When this happens, our chances of feeling true happiness and to find the higher purpose in our lives drops significantly.


The true nature of the woman 

One of the most fulfilling feelings and realisations for a woman is when she discovers her true nature, when she discovers what it means to be a woman, to represent the divine feminine that gives life to everything. As women we must give ourselves the chance to look into our souls and to discover what a beautiful, powerful, full-of-mystery, wild and fascinating woman we can be if we get in touch with our divine nature.