Do you think it’s possible to shift the way you see yourself within just a few hours?

This Sunday some of our students found out that it is. It takes openness, a bit of courage and curiosity, support of other women, some gentle guidance and alchemical power of artistic creation.

It was a practical part of our course for women. A photo shooting in which our wonderful students could experience different nuances of their femininity, some yet undiscovered. Elegance, sensuality, playfulness… and, of course, beauty.

What kind of woman would you like to be today? Delicate or daring? Maybe romantic or mysterious?

It’s not just a new outfit and decoration, it’s a new state, a new energy, a new facet of your soul. It has always been there, but had remained unseen or unexpressed. What a happiness when a flower, which has been waiting to blossom, finally opens its petals and offers its perfume. 

Here is how our Sunday’s flowers started their journey:

It’s the first time in my life I put a red lipstick on my lips”, one shared. 

Oh, I’ve never thought I would wear something like this”, another exclaimed in surprise.

You know, it’s my first photo session”, another confessed.


And look what they discovered by the end:

It was amazing. I was surrounded by beautiful Goddesses. And I fell in love with myself”.

This time together produced a shift in me. To see beauty all around and especially in us. All of us were shining like pearls. My sadness passed away and joy came instead”.

I threw away everything that blocked me and it was just so good that I could show myself like this and feel like a real woman. I realize that I can be that woman who I was at the photo session. It was also good to see how everyone really bloomed out”.

After our meeting a state of profound peace has established inside of me. You mentioned that we should focus on light instead of giving attention to shadow, and this idea really touched me. This photo session has generated the waterfall of light that vanished all my worries and tensions”.


These were the insights, which this creative project offered to our students. And the moment when they saw the reflection of their feminine essence in the photos brought even more.

Would you also like to see yourself in a transfigured way?