Not all that glitters is gold



Although it is millennia old, the Tantric spirituality is more adequate today than ever before.

It is no coincidence that in the circle of spiritual seekers tantra gains more and more interest. However, in this growing popularity there is a serious downside: many programs, schools, currents appeared in the esoteric market that are advertised as “Tantra” while in fact they do not have much to do with the genuine path of Tantric Initiation.

If you feel a calling towards the Tantric path, by the following criteria you can easily distinguish the genuine Tantra from all its imitations.

If in the ideological system of the respective “Tantric offer” you’ll find the following principles, you have most probably found a credible source. But if any of them is missing or you even notice the opposite, then don’t waste your time. Step on and continue your search elsewhere.

1. The aspiration of a Tantric practitioner is the search for the Divine.

The real Tantra is not a weekend program of “spiritual wellness”, but a way of life and a transformation journey requiring a serious attitude and a constant spiritual effort.

It is a continuous endeavour to raise the level of our consciousness, to refine our energies, to eliminate the tyrannical power of our lower self, to substitute the weaknesses of our character with real human virtues, divine qualities. As in any authentic spiritual path, the deep aspiration of a Tantric practitioner is the search for the Divine.

This is a process through which as a fruit, the human being can realize his own divine nature and unite with the Creator.


2. The base of the tantric practice is the complete and perfect erotic amorous continence

Tantrics know well that ejaculation causes a huge loss of energy, which is justifiable in only one case: when the purpose is the procreation. Therefore, on the genuine Tantric path the man constantly works to completely suspend the ejaculation both during lovemaking and in the form of night pollution.

Instead he learns how to experience intense orgasms without ejaculation and how to convert the accumulated erotic energy through the practices of inner alchemy into higher and more refined forms of energy.

The same with the woman, as for her it is also advisable to learn the art of continuous orgasm without any energy discharge, and to achieve the natural suspension of her menstruation cycle. It is a less known fact, but actually the menses involves a huge and unjustified waste of energy.

If these things are not laid enough emphasis upon, it is certain that the respective school that calls itself tantric, promotes only false Tantra.


3. Making love is only recommended if there is an intense, sincere and MUTUAL LOVE between the man and the woman.

In the New Age Tantra circles it is a quite frequent case that when two people feel that they are erotically drawn to each other, in the name of “openness” they consider it appropriate to engage in sexual intercourse right away.

The initiates of the genuine Tantric path, however, have always taught that if there is only erotic attraction and desire, but not true love, the act of “lovemaking” will have a negative impact on both lovers. And on a long term scale this leads to the formation of serious psychical and mental blockages.

If two people feel attracted to each other they should give enough time to assure themselves that true love developed between them and only then involve into erotic union. Such approach will also deepen their mutual trust and understanding, making a solid base for their couple relationship.

4. The attitude of sacredness in all aspects of life is basic condition on the Tantric path.

Tantric practitioners develop the transfiguring approach upon life: to see the divine essence in others – and of course in themselves – and discover in every life situation the wise presence of the Divine Will.

Those who approach Tantra in a superficial way tend to replace the state of authentic sacredness with exterior elements: candles, incense sticks, “tantric” massage used only for erotic arousal or the use of ritualistic elements without any true spiritual meaning.

The sense of sacredness is a genuine spiritual achievement on the Tantric Path which enriches our life with the continuous presence of the Divine Miracle.


5. Any serious spiritual seeker needs an Initiated Guide who has attained a high level of Spiritual Realization

The tantric way is the fastest spiritual path, but also the most difficult, because the aspirant does not retreat from the worldly temptations, as the ascetic do; he has to learn to follow his noble goal among the most intense vortex of events, feelings, emotions, and to give up all sorts of attachments. Since he is subjected to constant temptations, this path is almost impassable without an experienced guide.

All those who continue to seek only pleasures under the guise of spirituality, tend to deny the legitimacy of a spiritual leader. They are not willing to make any effort for a true development so they do not want to commit to a leader who might confront them with their limitations, weaknesses, disharmonies and egoisms.

Instead, they prefer the so called Spiri-tourism: they travel around, they listen to the speeches and lectures of some spiritual teachers, from which they make up a very personal concept about life that actually justifies their current way of life.

Anyone can teach us something, but true tantric master can only be the one who has reached the perfect spiritual realization, whose will is one with the divine will. Such masters are always uncomfortable for the ego, because in their presence you cannot hide your weaknesses, vices, egoistic attitudes…. but if we can entrust ourselves to the guidance of such a master, it is he who helps us go beyond all these aspects of our lower self and lead us to the Glory of Spiritual Perfection.